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Containers – for all purposes

Get a wide range of containers for food and all manner of other products.  Here’s a quick overview of our product areas – all made in the UK and completely recyclable at end of life. Better still, all of them are supplied with labels for easy contents identification.

Food Storage Containers

Trusted by food outlets and restaurants, these tough 2 litre food storage containers with lids will help you to save food and money – whether you are an individual, a parent with a family or a business owner.

Save, store, defrost and re-heat food effortlessly

They are great for domestic and commercial deep freezers; they are completely microwave- and dishwasher-safe. This means that you can save, store, defrost and re-heat food cost-effectively – vital considerations in these days of high food and energy prices.

Additionally, the food storage containers are nestable; you can stack them neatly to save space wherever you use them.  Besides this, the lids are made of thick, tough polypropylene plastic and they simply press on to form an airtight and leakproof seal. As a result, they are ideal too for batch cooking to save energy.

Food storage containers

Food storage containers that save time and money

Boston Round Bottles RPET

TEC’s Boston round bottles 750ml and 1 litre are ideal for showcasing products, and the thick, glossy RPET plastic makes them ideally suited for retail purposes. With a ribbed top and internal wadding, these bottles are also ideal containers for storage and manufacturing purposes.

Made in the UK and with industry standard 28/410 closures, these bottles are excellent containers for products that range from car waxes to aromatherapy oils, laundry detergent and many more uses. The standard bottle neck means that the bottles can also be used with trigger sprays and other attachments.

750ml Boston Round Bottles with Ribbed Lids

Boston 750ml Round RPET Bottles

HDPE Bottles and Jerry Cans

TEC’s HDPE bottles are highly versatile tough white plastic bottles that are used by everyone from car detailers to craft clubs. Cylindrical and strong, they are also suitable for water-based chemical products such as adhesives and inks and a range of industrial products. Food-grade and BPA-free, they are used too in food preparation.

TEC’s 5 litre jerry cans with screw tops have an industry-standard 38mm bottle neck, so they can be used with many other closures and attachments. Tough high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic ensures that these products are both strong and lightweight. They will not split, deform or indent, making them highly reliable for storage purposes. Well-suited to carrying and storing water as well as a wide range of products including chemicals.

HDPE Bottles

HDPE bottles – 750ml and 1 litre

HDPE Jerry Cans 5 Litres

HDPE Jerry Cans 5 Litres

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