Wax Products for Cars

AutoSuperb Shine is a high-quality, quick-to-apply detailer and one of the best and most convenient wax products for cars. It gives your vehicle that extra car polish sparkle and showroom shine. You can apply this product over snow foam and car shampoo. It’s like buffing up your shoes -use weekly or simply as often as you like. Ideal to use after you have washed and dried your car to give it that extra gleam. Water droplets pearl, sheet and bead on all vehicles – a visible sign that your work has paid off.

For quick results in a matter of minutes

Quick to use – just spray on to clean paintwork, wipe on with one side of a microfibre cloth and then and buff off with the other side to achieve a mirror-like finish in minutes. Buff off panel by panel, working round your vehicle and from top to bottom. Can also be used on windows, trim and wheels. AutoSuperb is a TEC Chemicals registered brand.

AutoSuperb Shield is an essential part of your car cleaning kit, and a car wax (nano wax). Simply apply with a microfibre cloth to clean dry paintwork and simply buff off panel by panel.

A hydrophobic spray that provides wax protection for vehicle paintwork and lasts up to 3 months between applications. It causes water to pearl, sheet and bead on all vehicles, forming a tough and protective wax barrier and shine. Great protection for alloys and painted wheels. It offers durable car paint protection for your car and is also ideal for a range of other vehicles, giving them that extra gloss protection and nano sparkle!

High-performance nano wax like Shield is part of a professional valeter’s car valeting products and is a specialist product that is now available to you at an affordable price to help you achieve a brilliant and lasting result every time.

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