Brushes for cars

At TEC, you’ll find all types of brushes for cars:

Atlasta brushes are wheel brushes that no car valeter or car detailer would be without.

Spoke and wheel brushes are designed to remove brake dust, road dirt and traffic film. Suitable for alloy and steel wheels. Use with car shampoo or specialist car cleaning products. Tough, durable design.

Flex and wash microfibre noodle wheel brushes use a microfibre mesh to remove road dirt, brake dust, and grime from all alloy/polished wheels. Microfibre noodles are highly water-retentive and deliver a deep, gentle clean.

Interior detail brush sets are designed to get into all those small as well as hard-to-reach places where dust and hairs get trapped.

Alloy wheel brushes are ideal for cleaning spokes, grills, pipes around bumpers, mufflers, engines and other hard to reach places.

Sash detailing brushes are soft and ideal for ideal for dashboard vents and crevices.

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